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RL Trading Post Rules

Trade Listing Rules

1. ABSOLUTELY NO posting trades that requires multiple transactions without a middleman. For example, asking for 30 items for a BMD, but wanting the first 6 for free. YOU WILL BE BANNED FOR POSTING A TRADE THAT REQUIRES MULTIPLE TRANSACTIONS.

2. ABSOLUTELY NO requesting any type of non-Rocket League items. This can include real-life currency (PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, etc.), gift cards, currency from other games, etc. These kinds of trades often result in a scam and are against Rocket League's terms of service. YOU WILL BE BANNED IF YOU ARE POSTING FOR NON-ROCKET LEAGUE ITEMS.

3. ANY attempt (verified by video/photo/conversation proof) to scam a user in-game or by sending links to phishing sites will result in a permanent ban. There are absolutely no exceptions.

4. ABSOLUTELY NO 'Nothing to Something' posts. It's great that you're trying to build your inventory, but no one cares enough to purposefully overpay for your items.

5. ABSOLUTELY NO 'blind trading' posts. It's never fair and just results in scamming.

6. ABSOLUTELY NO price manipulation posts. This includes, but is not limited to, posting fake trades to try to influence the price of certain items.

7. ABSOLUTELY NO 'bait and switch' scams. This includes working with another account to try to trick someone into overpaying for a worthless item. For example, UserA might post that they have Goalkeeper Black Ronin GXT and they want 800c, and UserB posts that they really want Goalkeeper Black Ronin GXT 'for a set/collection' and are willing to pay 2500c for it. If you are found to be attempting a bait and switch scam, you will be permanently banned. There are absolutely no exceptions.

8. ABSOLUTELY NO posts that ask for free items or say something like 'I just got scammed!!' If you were scammed using RLTP, report the user who scammed you with video evidence and they will be banned. If you were scammed in a different community, report it to their moderators because there's nothing RLTP can do.

9. ABSOLUTELY NO requests for item duplication or offering item duplication. It is impossible to duplicate items in Rocket League and this is always a scam. ANY MENTIONING OF ITEM DUPLICATION WILL RESULT IN A BAN.

10. ABSOLUTELY NO asking for entry fees of any sort. This includes, but is not limited to, entry fees for a giveaway, raffle, 1v1, tournament, etc. You risk being permanently banned from RL Trading Post if you decide to ask for an entry fee.

11. ABSOLUTELY NO asking for help for a video/thumbnail and asking users to 'cancel at the last second.' This will result in a permanent ban.

12. ABSOLUTELY NO posts promoting YouTube/Twitch channels or other social media sites.

13. DO NOT post items you don't have or that you're not interested in. These posts are spam that clutter the trade feed and wastes the time of other RLTP users.

14. DO NOT put random items in your trade listing and ask for what you're looking for in the notes. These posts cannot be searched and are basically spam.

Messaging Rules

1. DO NOT BE TOXIC TO OTHER USERS. If you are found to be a toxic user due to the messages you send to others, you will be banned. This can include threats, bullying, excessive profanity, or other negative language just for the sake of attacking another user.

2. DO NOT message another user just to start an argument about prices, their inventory, etc. Messaging another user just to start an argument will result in a ban.

3. DO NOT use profanity or toxic language to reply to someone's offer. If you don't like someone's offer, simply reply 'No thanks!' and move on.

4. On the flip side, DO NOT continue to pester another user if they reject your offer. You can make a counteroffer and try to reach an agreement, but if the seller is not interested, you need to move on.

5. DO NOT randomly message other users asking for free items. ANY BEGGING OR REQUESTING FREE ITEMS WILL RESULT IN A BAN.

6. DO NOT make any requests for trades that involve non-Rocket League items or trades that require a middleman. ANY MESSAGES SENT REQUESTING NON-ROCKET LEAGUE CURRENCY OR A TRADE THAT WILL REQUIRE MULTIPLE TRANSACTIONS WILL RESULT IN A BAN.